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Post by Bardock on Sat Aug 22, 2009 12:42 am

1. On your location put your location there, on the Ninja info. card and the other one, this is to prevent confusion.

2. Please don't swear, you may use symbols but there are younger users.

3. Don't spam please, if you want to complain them PM me.

4. Ranks and modship are given out on occasion not because a player asks to, players with exceptional skills are given ranks too.

5: Canon Characters: There is a Canon list.

6: Character Death: If you die you go to otherworld. You cannot leave otherworld even with instant transmission, in order to leave otherworldyou have to be wished back.

7. No god modding. god modding is making your character Immortal.

8. No spamming.

9. Speak english only please.

10. No innapropriat images.

11. Propergrammer please. ( therewill be a exception for younger users )

12. Read before posting and make sure you know whats happening. When you arrive you don't know what happened until you arrive. If its a private topic please don't interfere.
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