Mission For Equipment.

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Mission For Equipment. Empty Mission For Equipment.

Post by 18 on Fri Oct 23, 2009 5:23 pm

18 walked through the Capsule Corp. building, her mission was already clear, she needed to go to Yardat, there 'generosity' would grant them the supplies, all she need was the list. She walked past a desk, noticing the Dragon Radar sitting on it's surface. She pocketed it, knowing that it would come in handy later. Bulma handed her the list, but before she could say anything, 18 was gone.


Must have completed "Running Errands" quest.

Quest Overview: Capsule Corp needs supplies, badly. They are trusting you to get them, be careful, you might be attacked by rivals and they will steal the supplies.
Rewards: + 1,000 Zennie, Gaining access to Capsule Corp and it's facilties such as gravity rooms.
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