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Post by Bardock on Sat Sep 26, 2009 9:34 pm

" Welcome! Buy some equipment. " The merchant said

1. Kunai ( 10 Ryo ) <-- These Kunai can be used for range combat by being thrown, or can be used as a dagger for close combat. <--

2. Shuriken ( 10 Ryo ) <-- These Shuriken are often used for long range combat, they can be thrown in bunches. <--

3. Chakra enhanced trench knives ( 100 Ryo ) <-- These Trench knives are worn as brass knives, they have a small blade coing out of one end, and can be used with a element to make them more effective. <--

4. Exploding tags ( 250 Ryo ) <-- These tags can be used to be remotely detonated or can be set for a certain amount of time. <--

5. Flash bombs ( 200 Ryo ) <-- These flash bombs are attached to Kunai and they explode maiking a blinding flashes when pressure is applied. <--

6. Katana ( 750 Ryo ) <-- These are made out of high grade steel and are slightly curved, making it a slicing weapon. <--

7. Metal Wire ( 250 Ryo ) <-- These metal wires can be thrown at enemys trapping them, or can be set up as a trap, so when a enemy runs into it, they can be cut, or can even lose a limb. <--
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