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Nuchiha learns KAIO - KEN Empty Nuchiha learns KAIO - KEN

Post by Nuchiha101 on Sat Oct 31, 2009 12:40 pm

Quest Overview: The training here is hard because of the gravity is 10x of Earths, allowing for more beneficial training.. Heres what you must do. You will need to catch bubbles, hit Gregory on the head with a hammer and you will be worthy of training with King Kai. But all this training isn't so easy. It will take a couple attempts and trys. Once you are finished, you are ready to learn kaoi ken. Then, you must train the kaio ken and able to master it, enough to reach up to kaio ken x2.
Rewards: +5000 PL, KAIO - KEN Technique, KAIO - KEN attack.

Nuchiha arrived at King Kai's planet, its gravity was 10x heavier, it was barely noticable. Nuchiha then went to a small house, he then was told to catch Bubbles, and hit Gregory with a hammer. Nuchiha thought, ' easy ', he then started to chase Bubbles. He noticed that Bubbles was really fast, but Nuchiha was faster, but with the 10x gravity made things worse. Nuchiha almost caught up with Bubbles, but missed. He then saw Gregory laughing at his misfortune, while he was lauching, Nuchiha tapped him on the head with the hammer. Nuchiha then started to chase Bubbles again.

Nuchiha then was starting to chase Bubbles, he was catching up, Bubbles looked back and saw that Nuchiha was close and then he fell down, down a hill to be exact. Bubbles was rolling down the hill, and then Nuchiha finally caught him. Nuchiha then was taught how to perform KAIO - KEN, it was Nuchiha's job to perform it correctly and reach x2. Nuchiha then tried to perrform KAIO - KEN, but with no success, Nuchiha tried again, yet with no success. Nuchiha then tried again, for the third time, and succeeded. Nuchiha then had to perform x2, Nuchiha had no idea of how he was going to achieve this.

Nuchiha then tried KAIO - KEN x2, but passed out, Nuchiha woke up, he then saw that he was somewhere on King Kai's planet, but he didn't know where he was. Nuchiha then flew around the planet and couldn't find King Kai, he then finds his house and King Kai. Nuchiha then attempts KAIO - KEN x2, and succeeds. He then is taught KAIO - KEN attack, he then performed it, while in x2, but was exhausted. KAIO - KEN was exhausting, Nuchiha noticed it now, and decided to limit his use of KAIO - KEN.
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