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Quest Overview: The training here is hard because of the gravity is 10x of Earths, allowing for more beneficial training.. Heres what you must do. You will need to catch bubbles, hit Gregory on the head with a hammer and you will be worthy of training with King Kai. But all this training isn't so easy. It will take a couple attempts and trys. Once you are finished, you are ready to learn kaoi ken. Then, you must train the kaio ken and able to master it, enough to reach up to kaio ken x2.
Rewards: +5000 PL, KAIO - KEN Technique, KAIO - KEN attack.

18 barely noticed the small gravity increase. She saw the house, the man and the quest overview. It was simple. She walked over to bubbles, the monkey jumped off, overexagerating the stupid game. She put her hand to her forehead and reapeared next to the stupid monkey, she grabbed him. Before walking over to king kai, she picked up the mallet, before leaping forward and smashing gregories into the ground. 18's limits where odd, being an android, it was pretty was pretty simple to push her body past it's limits, her body was quite used to it. She had already mastered the first stage of kaio -ken and was on her way to learning how to go 15x kaio - ken.
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